Cangnan fusion microfinance company grand opening

DATE:2015 01,27    Source:

In March 29th, the Cangnan fusion microfinance Limited by Share Ltd in to town grand opening, the Wenzhou financial office leading Party group member Yu Qian, Su Qingming, He Zongjing, county town leaders Chen Lei, Feng Xingqian, Chen Mengque, Zhou Gaoli, Li Chuanli attended the opening ceremony.

At present, with the approval of Wenzhou financial comprehensive reform pilot area, the folk capital operation can greatly ease the financing difficulties of SMEs, loan difficult problem, Cangnan fusion microfinance Limited by Share Ltd officially opened, to solve the "three rural" in Cangnan and the small and medium-sized enterprise problem, specification and revitalize the folk capital, improve the regional financial services environment, realistic the significance is very important to enhance the level of development of the financial industry. Cangnan fusion microfinance Limited by Share Ltd is approved by the provincial financial office approval, Fukang group launched a joint Wen business technology group, Zhejiang coal, Leisuosi Xianchao packing, Tianjin real Thai plastic products, Ruifeng printing and other 5 well-known enterprises to set up investment, the company registered capital of 100000000 yuan, with the rural oriented, rural development as its mission, to service "three agriculture", the small and medium-sized enterprises, for the purpose of self-employed, mainly engaged in the process of micro loans and small and medium-sized enterprise development, management, financial advisory and other approved business, as small and medium enterprises, agricultural projects to provide a flexible, fast, efficient, high-quality credit financial services.

At the opening ceremony, fusion company with the county rural banks, credit cooperation of Cangnan Wang Chin pig breeding Co. Ltd., Cangnan Dejia Trade Co., Ltd signed a cooperation agreement.