Cangnan economic work conference Fukang group won several awards

DATE:2012 05,13    Source:

In February 29th, Cangnan economic work conference, the leadership of the county Su Qingming, Dong Qinghua, Zhang Chuanjun, Huang Jinyao, Lei Ren, Zhang Yueying, Shao Panfeng attend the meeting. Fukang group won the "outstanding contribution award", "large taxpayer", "top 100 of growth type enterprise" and many other honors, chairman Sun Shaoding won the 2011 Annual "outstanding entrepreneur" title.

In 2011, Wenzhou city has the face of financial crisis, the county Party committee and government, to take timely and effective measures to deal with the economic situation, entrepreneurs keenly grasp market trends, according to one's abilities, the mutual adjustment, Baotuan heating, no similar incident occurred within the county economy overall development situation, to maintain a good. In 2012, the economic development still exist many contradictions and problems, the overall environment remains to be further optimized. Huang Shoulong urged all enterprises should always keep calm, can not blindly optimistic, also cannot lose confidence. To speed up the development in solving the problem of rising costs, changes in the market, such as tension elements; to upgrade of transformation as a way out, to completely abandon the idea of development relying on spell, spell, spell labor price of land resources of extensive development, to shift to rely on scientific and technological progress, the improvement of labor quality and management innovation. The whole county to fully understand the current situation of the development of economy, good from the rational judgment of current economic situation in building confidence, accelerate the construction of demonstration area of marine economy, and further promote the Hercynian economic advance area construction. We should continue to promote cross-strait economic and trade cooperation, make full use of Zhejiang Taiwan economic and trade cooperation zone of the platform, and strive to achieve a new leap of my county economic development.