Fukang group to participate in the tax aggregates pale jade Flying dream kite match

DATE:2015 01,27    Source:

In April 23rd, the genial spring, sunny, organized by county IRS "tax Yun Yu Cang, flying dream" kite competition held in the Spirit Lake Park, the county more than 60 enterprises personnel participated in the competition, Fukang group prepared a 6 meter long Octopus kite, the tail side to post a "tax, development, the people's livelihood", the other side to post a "China Fukang group", in the game, because the kite too big in size, the influence of wind power is small, the delay in the take-off time, eventually won third prize good results.

"Yun Yu Cang, rest assured that the tax dream" kite competition is carefully organized by the State Tax Bureau of Cangnan County, the county enterprises are actively involved in. The kite shapes, to participate in the competition is very beautiful, some kites or enterprise production. With the "service of scientific development, build a harmonious tax", "tax, development, people's livelihood" and other slogans of the kite to fly over the sky, waterscape Park suddenly become colorful, colorful, attract a lot of people stop to watch. Especially when I group of players kites in the take-off frustrated, director of County Bureau of Lin Min also personally guide, flying together with the team, to the player with great encouragement.