The county party committee standing committee, the department of military equipment commissar Ma Guixi fukang group per line

DATE:2015 01,27    Source:

In April 16th, Cangnan county Party committee, the people's Armed Forces Department of political commissar Ma Guixi, chief of Engineering Zhang Xiangsheng visit Fu Kang group "four solutions of four to promote" the village enterprises visited the service activities, chairman Sun Shaoding reception. The most prominent problems and enterprises are facing Ma Guixi for the basic situation, for enterprise development in the future market prospects, investment in technological upgrading of enterprises, the need to address the issues in-depth and detailed understanding of. At the same time also expressed willingness to make positive efforts to help enterprises solve practical difficulties.

It is understood that since March this year, Cangnan county to implement the provinces and cities on the "village enterprises" visited the service activities, elaborate organization to "understand the social conditions and public opinion, promoting the harmonious relationship between cadres and the masses; and resolve contradictions and disputes, and promoting social harmony and stability; solve the problem of development, promote the county scientific development; force solution problem of the construction of basic level organization to promote the innovation of social management" activities. Projected through the six months to a year's time, county and township linkage, organization and leadership cadres into the county the administrative villages, enterprises visited, do thorough basic level, the masses "two deep" service enterprises, service grass-roots "two services", truly will be the party's policy in the first implementation, public opinion in the first master problem solve in the field, the work style of cadres in the first transition, development environment in the first optimization. Through visiting service activities, leading cadres to further strengthen the concept of masses, enhance service awareness, and strive to improve the ability to direct contact with the masses, serve the grassroots in practice, improve the ability to find and solve problems, improve the ability of promoting development and maintaining stability, people gathered with excellent party government and folk customs, to create a harmonious and stable and orderly the social environment.