County irs Lin director to visit fukang group research

DATE:2015 01,27    Source:

On April 12, cangnan county irs Lin, director of a line to visit my research group, director ChangSunShaoDing reception. Research, Lin, director of the group this year's production and operation situation, the economic situation the main impact of this enterprise production and management, raw material supply and product sales, product cost composition, the basic situation of the enterprise financial conditions in the future, understand the enterprise production and management planning, and so on and so forth. Lin director after listen to the report, has asked the companies to the national tax work evaluation, opinions and Suggestions for the work of national tax and the irs is needed to help solve the matters, etc.

Over the years, the irs leadership have been very concerned about the development of the enterprise, adhere to the tax policy for the enterprise patience guidance, actively guide the healthy development of enterprises, constantly to help enterprises cope with the crisis and seize the development opportunity, make the enterprise always smooth healthy development.